What We Do

We provide healthcare services at our physical facility, home based convenience and virtually with our mobile app

We have embraced digital transactions for all interactions

  • Doctor Consultation

    We provide consultations for all specialities focussing on primary care. Our Specialists are attache   Learn More.....

  • Diagnostics

    Our doctors have handled more than 10000+ pathology tests including the most critical ones in Cancer   Learn More.....

  • Home Care

    The more we listen to our patient's concerns the better we plan our Home based services. We o   Learn More.....

  • Pharmacy

    We provide pharmacy at our physical facility. Consumers can also order medicines online through our    Learn More.....

  • Physiotherapy

    Our Physical therapists have used their unique expertise to improve patient experience and outcomes.   Learn More.....

  • Online Health Record

    We have digitized all the healthcare processes and all features are available online and in our mobi   Learn More.....

Plans & Pricing

  • Patients
    • Browse through our Services
    • Order health services online
    • Store Health Records
    • Make payments online
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  • Doctors
    • Access Patient Records
    • Provide E Prescription
    • Order processing to Lab, Pharmacy
    • Get paid Online
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