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My Appointments
  • My Appointments section facilitates to view past appointments. The appointments could be seen for the date selected in the calendar.
  • For any past appointment the physician could select the past appointment and enter the diagnosis and medication information. Upon selecting Save Prescription the prescription would get attached in pdf format in the same appointment.
  • Additionally upto 2 more reports (image files) could be attached for future reference.
  • There is option provided to view or delete the prescription or other attached documents.All patient records are stored for life complying with latest Govt. Regulations.
  • Access patient records and consult patients from anywhere.
Clinic Info
  • From Clinic Info section, physician is facilitated to update information for upto 2 clinics.
  • Update Clinic Type as whether Clinic or Homecare.
  • Provide Clinic Name, Address, City, Contact Number.
  • Provide Clinic Name, Address, City, Contact Number.
  • Define available appointments per hour.
  • Select Days in the week when clinic is Open.
  • Provide Available Time Slots.
Appointment schedule
  • Appointment Schedule section facilitates physician to view the day wise appointment plan.
  • Physician may select and open any particular appointment and view the details and may cancel the appointment as well. Once cancelled, SMS is sent to the patient notifying of the unavailability of physician for the particular appointment.
  • Additionally there is option for physician to block a selected time slot if there are other clashing engagements.

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