Dental Care

June 02 2018 at 01:17 AM by Samikshya Joshi

Would you know what to do if you knocked out a tooth? What if you have a bad toothache? Do you need to see the dentist right away? If you suffer an injury that leads to a severely damaged tooth, you’ll need the help of a dentist to relieve pain and repair the damage.

A good dental care plays important role in maintaining a better oral health but fear of going to dentist affects over 90% people. We in SimpleeKare care for your healthy smile by providing the highest level of dentistry, excellent customer service by using latest pain-free dental technology treatment, all in a good atmosphere. We are able to identify problems before they become serious and plan different treatment options when necessary. We bloom to keep your dental health needs as our priority.

Our dentist has expertise in various aspects of dentistry, including general and cosmetic dentistry, crown and bridge work, tooth whitening, and orthodontics etc.


We are specialized in:

·      Root Canal Treatment:

RCT removes the dead necrotic infected pulp tissues in your teeth. We offer a multi sitting treatment which gives you an effective result.


·      Orthodontic treatment:

Orthodontics aligns your maligned teeth to create beautiful smiles. Not everyone has naturally perfect alignment of teeth. If you're feeling awkward and worried about your teeth, our experts are here to help you out.

  • Crown (capping):

A crown helps in rehabilitation of missing teeth, which improve appearance, shape or alignment of a damaged tooth. We provide all kinds of caps/ crown.


·      Smile makeover

People are often dissatisfied with certain elements of their smile even if they have good dental hygiene and structurally sound teeth. Fortunately we are offering you an ideal solution in the form of fully customized smile makeover treatment plans.

  • Tooth color filling

Tooth Color Filling or Teeth Filling is a type of dentistry treatment that aims to repair teeth that have been affected by teeth decay. Speak with our dentist to find out which kind of filling is best for you.

  • Tooth whitening:

Teeth whitening procedures can quickly repair much of the damage that has been done by taking tea, coffee or any other food & drinks. We offer high-quality teeth whitening treatments to give you a whiter smile.


·         Dental wash:


Keeping your teeth clean is also beneficial for general health, which helps to remove bacteria & prevent cavities and more serious gum disease. A regular visit to our dentist will ensure you a good oral health.


  • Gums treatment:


Gum disease treatment is effective at stopping damages and with good oral hygiene. In case you have a little weaker gum, we will fix it too to achieve and maintain healthy gums.


Dentistry is not expensive, Neglect is. We are offering you a super customer service with an easy appointment with us. We use very high-quality equipment and latest technology to offer you a pain-free solution. Our main objective is full patient satisfaction. When it comes to your oral health look for the best dental clinic. We will conduct a free dental check-up camp at our clinic in near future.

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