Common Monsoon Diseases

September 27 2017 at 12:00 AM by Wuser

For most of us monsoons is all about hot cup of tea and snacks, retro music in the background and the pitter-patter of the raindrops on your window pane. But this picture perfect situation goes out of the window as soon as you step out.

Monsoon, while a really great time of year, is also rife with infection and bacteria. Which is why, you need to take extra care to ensure that you enjoy the monsoon, not suffer because of it. It is the time when you tend to suffer from the most upsetting diseases and if you don’t take care at the right time then it is normal that you will suffer for long. 

Monsoon is the season when different types of snacks and tasty foods are consumed by people. But, the water bore and airborne diseases can easily attack them. Here are some common monsoon diseases you should know about:

  • Malaria

In the list of common monsoon ailments, malaria takes the number one spot. Female anopheles mosquito causes malaria; they usually breed in waterlogged areas.Monsoon is the reason where water logging take place and breeding of mosquitoes will be quite common.  Thus, clean your water tank frequently to avoid the risk of malaria. The common symptoms of malaria are fever, shivers, muscle pain and weakness. 

  • Diarrhoea

This is another common ailment during monsoon, which is caused due to unhygienic consumption or handling of foods and water. There are two main types of diarrhoea - acute diarrhoea and chronic diarrhoea. Both of these are highly preventable and treatable. In order to prevent this bowel problem, maintain proper hygiene, wash hands before handling food and drink only boiled water. It is always better to avoid the street food as the chances of spreading diarrhea will be more common with this.

  • Dengue

In the rainy season you have the chance of suffering from dengue. Dengue is a specific monsoon disease and the germ of the same is carried by the mosquitoes. The common symptoms of dengue are fever, body aches, joint pain and rash. Tiger mosquito is responsible for making you suffer from dengue. To avoid being a victim of tiger mosquito, use insect repellent and cover yourself properly with clothes.

  • Cholera

Cholera is the most common monsoon disease you can suffer from. This is not just a disease. It is a deadly ailment to make you suffer at the worst. Cholera is usually caused by consuming contaminated food and water. It is also caused due to poor hygienic conditions. Severe diarrhoea with lose motions are the most common symptoms of cholera. One can prevent the occurrence of cholera by drinking clean water and maintain a proper hygiene.

  • Viral Fever

These days’ viral fevers are quite common.Rather, it has become more common than that of bacterial infection. The common symptoms of viral fever are mild to severe fever, which can last for 3 to 7 days, along with cold and cough.

  • Typhoid

Typhoid is one more common monsoon disease. It is a water-borne disease, which is on high-rise during monsoon. S. Typhi bacteria cause typhoid, which is transmitted through consuming contaminated water or food. Improper sanitation can also cause the disease. When you suffer from typhoid you have fever and headache and there is sore throat, common weakness and pain. In order to get rid of the disease it is important that you wash your hands well. Do not eat food and water which are not of the best quality. Street side food and drink should be avoided during this season.