• admin - Friday 23rd June, 2017
    Cardiac Rehabilitation

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the primary cause of death, globally and are responsible for about 31% of all global deaths. Therefore, diseases related to the heart need early detection and management to avoid fatality. This can be achieved by provisions for medicines and counseling through a well-developed cardio […]

  • admin - Friday 23rd June, 2017
    Orthopedic Rehabilitation

    “The broken bone, once set together, is stronger than ever “; this phrase justifies the concept of orthopedic rehabilitation to the hilt. Injuries happen to people all the time and sometimes they can be really painful in the least. Broken bones are not easy to deal with and the pain makes it even worse. A […]

  • Dr. N C Parija - Monday 19th June, 2017
    Tonsillitis and Sore Throat

    Rain comes with heavy showers. School children gt drenched in rain water during return from schools. They like the continuous down pour. They share their joy with friends by playing in rain water. Next day, there is sneezing, running nose, sore throat and pain in tonsil. At the back of the mouth on each side […]

  • admin - Saturday 17th June, 2017
    Carpal Syndrome

    Does the thumb side of your hand feel like it’s going to sleep-that weak, numb, pins-and-needles feeling — for no apparent reason? You may suspect that you have carpel tunnel syndrome. The good news is that there are a number of methods you can try at home to ease your pain. And if those don’t work, surgery […]

  • Dr. N C Parija - Thursday 15th June, 2017
    Rheumatic Fever

    Rheumatic fever is a serious disease that mainly affects children and young adults. It is due to an allergic condition that attacks the connective tissues of body causing joint pains, skin lesions, st. vitus dance due to central nervous system irritation and lastly affects the valves of heart. So it is said that rheumatic fever(disease). […]

  • admin - Friday 2nd June, 2017
    Do’s and don’ts for avoiding infections

    Some diseases have become immune to the antibiotics we use. As a result, controlling diseases and preventing infections from spreading are more crucial than ever, and doing so begins with measures every individual can take.Follow these tips to help lower your risk of infections: Do wash your hand Wash your hands frequently – especially before […]

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